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This is a photography blog about my photography!


Also please don't steal my photos because I put lots of work into creating these photos and I promise that I wont steal yours either.
Thanks! :)

amazingglandscapes said: Hello Dear! Could you please visit my "amazing landscapes" blog? You would make me very happy! Thank you very much dear! :) Please follow if you like my blog :)

You have a nice blog, however I only follow blogs that feature your own original photographs or at the very least cite the source for the photographer… I would love to follow your blog but I wont because it is not okay to use peoples photos without citing them or getting the artists permission.

Photos all printed matted and bagged ready to be sold, message me or email me at rerbell7@gmail.com if you are interested in buying one

Prints for sale

Alright everyone I have 5 beautiful 18x24 prints of roses, it would be super rad if you guys would buy some so I can continue to feed myself….. message me on my tumblr or email me at rerbell7@gmail.com if you are interested, I’ll post a photo of them on my blog

after a fantastic adventure through Grand Teton National Park and lots of hiking and pretending that the water was warm enough to swim in I was rewarded with this wonderful set of photos that I took on my nikon d3100

alright so i’m thinking about starting a photography vlog on my tumblr about stuff and answering questions and teaching concepts and stuff about photography, i mean i’m not really a professional at this point but maybe i can help people learn and re enforce my own knowledge and maybe  you guys will teach me somthin’ too

wahtdya’ think good idea, or bad?

some creepy photographs of myself( in the red with the long hair) and paparazziman17 (in the black)

more double exposure photos of classmates and teachers (in some cases one and the same)

double exposure photos of classmates friends and teachers (sometimes they are one and the same)

model -Zachary LeMon is posing here for his latest fashion shoot,